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For over 100 years many Ministers have had oversight of Trinity. The Methodist practice is one of 'itinerant ministry', where ministers move at frequent intervals to bring different skills and perspectives to a range of congregations. This list, based on church records) includes all those ministers since the opening of the current building. It's worth noting that many of the listed ministers had oversight of more than one church within the circuit. Others where short term appointments to cover vacancies.

1900-1904    Rev. James Cooper

1900-1907    Rev. T Barron Renton

1907-1910    Rev. G W Appleby

1910-1912    Rev. Isaac Newton

1912-1916    Rev. Robert Coutts

1916-1921    Rev. H W Edwards

1921-1925    Rev. J D Coutts

1925-1928    Rev. Arthur F Wolton

1928-1934    Rev. T Owen Beswarick

1934-1939    Rev. F Rowley

1939-1947    Rev. E C Elliott

1947-1953    Rev. Robert R Clements

1953-1961    Rev. J Leslie Robinson

1961-1968    Rev. Laurence A Ashman

1968-1976    Rev. H Seymour Tonkin

1976-1981    Rev. S John Dain

1981-1983    Rev. David Catterson

1983-1988    Rev. J Bernard Allinson

1988-1995    Rev. David W le Poidevin

1995-1996    Rev. Peter Hutchings

1996-1997    Rev. Alan Grist

1997-2004    Rev. David Ray

2004-2009    Rev. Andrew Pantland

2009-2014    Rev. Janice Morgan

2014-2021   Rev. John Mills (From April 2018 Minister of Portsmouth Methodist Church)

Updated 15/09/21