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PMC Moving Forward

While the process of change is always painful it is also exciting to be part of a new phase in the life of what is changing, and in this case, it is the change we as Portsmouth Methodist Church are moving through.

Over four years ago the people of Copnor, Eastney and Trinity voted to become one united church as Portsmouth Methodist Church. A lot has happened since then with the introduction of one magazine - The Link, having a joint service with all centres open and then only having one joint service with everyone worshiping together. And then came the shocker of the notification from the insurers of Copnor and the process of what to do was put into place.

Under the guidance of Denise Thomas, a vote was taken, and it was decided that the repair costs could not be met, and the best way forward was to close the building. The last service held in the Copnor Church Building was held on Christmas Day 2021 with the final celebration service being held on Saturday 15 January 2022 with the message being brought by Rev Bill Stillwell.

We moved forward from there with a question being raised: “What does the “new” Portsmouth Methodist Church look like?” At the PMC ACM held on the 3 April 2022 the congregation was asked to show their preference to move forward with one, two or three buildings. The preference papers were counted (one building 19, two buildings 19, three buildings 4 and abstentions 1) and results given to the Church Council who then voted to give us a way forward. The vote results were one building 11, two buildings 6. A second Church Council meeting was arranged to decide where this one church would be situated.

At the Church Council meeting held on Wednesday 13th April 2022 the following was unanimously voted as the way forward:

          1)    PMC would continue to fund the rental of the premises used by the Brigades as part of its Outreach into the community.

2)  That PMC will initially move to the Trinity site, closing Eastney as a centre for Sunday services from the 1st June and handing over the Copnor site to circuit from 1st June 2022 and will then develop a proposal for the forward movement of Portsmouth Methodist Church’s single building at a different site (to be investigated and determined). Eastney would remain as a Church Hall for the use of PMC and aim to maximise revenue.

It should be noted that this proposal needs to be accepted by the Circuit Leadership Team at their next meeting.

A lot has happened, and a lot still needs to happen, but thanks to all involved for their help and time. I am excited and feel that we are on the right path that God is wanting us to move along.

As always, be assured that I will keep you informed with updates as and when decisions are made about the future of our church, Portsmouth Methodist Church.



Updated 21/04/2022